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Maintenance and Support Plans 

We offer support contracts and on-going website maintenance options to each of our clients.

We understand that some of our clients don't have the time to keep their website maintained, so we offer to do it for them. On the other hand, we have clients who prefer to keep their own website updated themselves, so we provide more advanced training sessions to ensure they understand their systems as well as we do. For these clients it allows us to focus on other aspects of maintenance that are more specialized, such as web marketing or more complex website work.

Whether you want to update your site yourself, just get a little help now and then, or have us manage everything from the website to your web marketing, we provide services that ensure we cover these client requirements and give you priority access to our team.

Website Maintenance Agreement FAQs

What is a Website Maintenance Agreement ?
A Website Maintenance Agreement is a contract for service between Dallas Website Design Company and your company. By purchasing a Website Maintenance Agreement, you will be guaranteed access to our experienced staff of designers, programmers, SEO specialists and technical consultants for an agreed-upon number of hours per week/month.

How does the Maintenance Agreement work ?
The monthly fee is a retainer; you are contracting for services to have our team of experts on hand for you at any time you need to update or make changes to your website. To access our staff, you simply submit a work order or "Maintenance Request" via our on-line Interact Maintenance Request System our production staff will begin working on the request shortly after we receive it.

How many Maintenance Requests may I submit ?
You may submit as many requests as you would like, up to the maximum number of hours of coverage for which you have contracted. You select the appropriate number of hours of service you anticipate you will need in a week/month.

How do I decide how many maintenance hours I'll need each week/month ?
A good way to calculate this is to consider what you might need if you were going to hire in-house staff to do this job. Would you hire them full-time? Part-time? Less than that? You will probably want to contract a similar number of hours with Dallas Website Design Company. For more help in determining your needs please contact us.

What sort of Maintenance Requests are covered in a Website Maintenance Agreement ?
Our Website Maintenance Agreement covers a wide variety of request types. The following are generally provided under the agreement:

  • HTML editing and programming (e.g. updating text/copy, creating links, conversion of documents to HTML format, simple client-side programming, etc.).

  • Development and programming of existing web-based tools or applications.

  • Third-party software integration.

  • Design and production of Web graphics and banner ads, including flash.

  • Site integrity checking.

  • Technical consulting.

  • Recurring production server administrative tasks.

  • Liaison with 3rd parties, where required, that relate to the website.

  • Website marketing management, consultation and/or analysis and support.

The following tasks are specifically not included in a Website Maintenance Agreement ?

  • Product development tasks (including, but not limited to, new Web-based tools or application and/or user interface development).

  • Adding new functionality, custom tools or scripts of any kind .

  • Working outside of the original file structure or domain name.

  • Origination of content copy (editorial/copy writing).

  • Substantial redesign of existing site(s).

  • Creation of entirely new pages or sections.

  • Creation of administrative tools for self maintenance.

  • Conducting usability assessments.

  • Reorganizing site structure for ease of future website maintenance.

  • New website design or new website projects.

  • Active Flash-based functionality, navigation, application development or otherwise Flash Action Script-driven media design.

  • Pay Per Click campaigns and/or management.

From time to time Maintenance Requests are going to fall in the "grey area". In such cases, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will make every effort to accommodate them and work with you to ensure your projects are handled quickly and appropriately.

What if I end up needing more coverage than I've contracted for ?
With our Maintenance Agreement, you are entitled to purchase extra hours of service, up to your currently contracted amount, at a premium rate. Should you find that you regularly exceed your contracted coverage, you will likely be interested in changing the terms of your coverage to include more hours per week/month.

What does a Website Maintenance Agreement cost ?
The best way to determine your weekly/monthly costs is to discuss with us directly. We can give you an idea of what clients with similar needs spend each week/month on maintenance.

You can purchase 3, 6, or 12 month agreements which can be renewed, reviewed and cancelled at the end of each agreement period. The longer you purchase a Maintenance Agreement for the more of a discounted rate you receive.

3 month agreements receive 5% off regular hourly rate.
6 month agreements receive 10% off regular hourly rate.
12 month or more agreements receive 15% off regular hourly rate.

I still have questions how can I contact you ?
To find out more about our maintenance and support services please call us on 972.849.1835 or go to our Contact Us page.


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